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Because How It Gets There Matters as Much as When It Gets There

This luxury home contractor has been a leader in innovative architectural hard surface design and procurement since 1987, working with architects, contractors, and interior designers throughout the US to provide discerning clients with the residences of their dreams. Sourcing the best of the best marble, tile, and other hard surfaces often means bringing it in from across the globe—including Italy, Spain, Morocco, Israel, India, and other far-flung locales.

The company prides itself in being sticklers for detailed perfection. They have to be. Their high-end clientele has high expectations of quality and timelines. And because everything is custom, there’s no inventory on hand and no room for error—when it comes to design projects, a delay in the hard surface can put the entire project deadline at risk. So, it’s a good thing the team at Sea & Air Global are also sticklers for detailed perfection.

“The Sea & Air Global team is top notch. They do everything possible to ensure materials arrive in the condition they need to be in, and they communicate with us every single step of the way so there are no surprises,” said the company's project and logistics manager.

Sea & Air Global has been handling global imports for the company for more than a decade, and handles about two dozen shipments—air freight, LCL (less than container load), and FCL (full container load)—every year. The company specifies when and where a shipment needs to arrive. Because Sea & Air Global understands their business—for example, they don’t want it to go by rail because the more it’s “touched,” the more potential there is for damage—they’ll determine the best way to make it happen at reasonable costs. And then they’ll communicate throughout the entire process, providing regular updates so the company can confidently answer clients’ questions and meet their expectations.

“Clients come to us because of our value-added service. But we can’t provide that if we’re not getting the same high level of service from our broker. With Sea & Air Global, we’re paying competitive prices for extraordinary service,”