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Service That’s so Much More Than On-time Delivery

 “How much effort do you give?” That’s the tag line this sporting goods company that designs and manufactures motocross, MTB, and cycling accessories, and it’s what drives their passion for the spirit of racing. Sea & Air Global, the company’s freight forwarder, is just as passionate about delivering exceptional service to its own customers.

The bulk of the company's manufacturing is done in China and Vietnam, so there are a lot of overseas containers that come in. Sea & Air Global helps find the best rates and ship times and does all the customs brokerage. The company just needs to tell them when a shipment is ready from which factory, and Sea & Air Global takes care of everything until the shipment gets to their door. Sea & Air Global also helps with domestic road shipments, and finding the best trucking companies at the best rates.

Whenever there’s a product launch, Sea & Air Global will start with the launch date and work backward to ensure the company gets their products on time, and then provides daily updates for every single shipment in transit. “Sea & Air Global goes above and beyond. Having daily visibility is a huge stress-reducer when you’re only weeks away from a product launch date,” said the company's shipping and logistics manager.

The company relies on Sea & Air Global as trusted partner, often getting expert guidance on reliable third-party logistics warehouses, custom codes, duty percentages, and more.

“We’ve worked with other freight forwarders in the past who promised a lot and didn’t deliver on any of it, and it was a complete nightmare. But Sea & Air Global is a tremendous resource for our company and we value the relationship very highly,”